2018 Registration

Pre-registration will start soon. Watch your emails or signup already. Updated March 18th.

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Joining the Pool

Dixie is a unique community pool with programs that grow with the kids (from Tiny Tots through Leaders onto Lifeguarding); a place where kids can enjoy the true freedom of summer (activities just a walk or bike-ride away that run throughout the day–with time to see friends or enjoy a book in between); and a place to renew friendships for young & old! We are a non-profit organization where each member pays an annual registration fee. Thanks to from the borough of Lachine and the Federal government, Dixie has the lowest membership fees of all the private West Island pools.

For Children

  • Three swimming lessons session during the summer ($50 per child for the summer)
  • Teams in 4 sports: water polo, synchronized swimming, diving, swimming
  • Activities and events

For Teens

  • Activities available to children
  • Life saving courses: Bronze medallion and cross
  • Teen swim on week-days between 8:00pm and 9:00pm

For Adults

  • 2 lanes are dedicated for swimming during all free swims
  • Zumba 3 times each week including a Saturday morning session (11:00h)
  • Pool reserved for adult swim on Saturday mornings from 8-11 (before Zumba) and Sunday mornings (9-12)
  • Master’s Swim (training with a coach) at 7pm (Mondays/Thursdays/Sunday)
  • Early-Bird Swim: The pool is reserved for laps from Monday-Thursday (7-8:30h)

Helping Out

Dixie pools' existence depends on the goodwill of it’s volunteers. During registration please sign up to help out at one or more activities this summer! A few hours will make a world of difference.


Memories from 2016

Summer 2016

Memories from the summer of 2015. Thanks to Jackie Mlakar.