Dixie Pool is currently closed. The pool will reopen in June 2022!

2021 Season

Strict rules and COVID-19 restrictions will be in place. 

Here is how the Dixie Pool 2021 Season registration process works: 

1) If you have previously been a Dixie Pool member, you will receive an email with 2020 COVID-19 measures, pool rules and COVID-19 RISK ACKNOWLEDGMENT AND WAIVER– DIXIE POOL SUMMER 2021 to print and sign. The waiver must be handed in when picking up badges. Please complete your online registration, payment is by e-transfer only. 

2) If you are new to Dixie Pool and would like to register for the Dixie Pool 2021 Season click on this link and follow the instructions.

4) Bring the signed waiver to the pool when you pick up your badge. You will not be allowed to use the pool if the waiver is not signed and handed in when picking up badges. Badges will be available for pick up on Sunday May 23rd from 10 am to 2pm. 

- Free Swim: swim time will be 1 hour time slots 
- First come first serve 
- Max 50 swimmers will be allowed during each time slot 
- Lane swim: 1 swimmer per lane for a maximum of 6 swimmers per 1 hour lane swimming time slot

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