Safety Rules

Lifeguard Signals

  1. 1 short blast means: "Attention". Please follow the instructions given by the lifeguard.
  2. 3 blasts means: "Emergency". Please exit the pool immediately and follow the lifeguards' instructions.
  3. Lifeguards are not permitted to carry on conversations while supervising the pool area. Instructions provided by lifeguards must be obeyed and respected at all times.
Bell: End of free swim, all bathers must exit the pool immediately.


  1. Only members are allowed to participate in any pool activities.
  2. All children under 10 and under must be accompanied by an adult(14 years +).
  3. All children 12 and under must be part of a family membership.
  4. All babies must wear a waterproof diaper.
  5. All bathers with shoulder-length hair must wear a bathing cap in the pool.
  6. All bathers must take a shower prior to entering the pool.
  7. Persons with communicable diseases such as: cold, open sores, nasal, eye or ear discharge, are not permitted to use the pool.
  8. Sun protection must be applied at least 20 minutes before swimming.
  9. Do not dive in the shallow end. Diving is permitted only in the deep end of the pool from the side of the pool.
  10. No running, pushing, or shoving anywhere within the pool area.
  11. Smoking is prohibited.
  12. Water safety devices used by children are not substitutes for adult supervision. Water wings, safety belts, and life-jackets will only be permitted where there is satisfactory adult supervision.
  13. The lanes and deep end are for patrons with either a swimmer's badge or senior's badge. Non-swimmers will not be allowed in the deep end outside of lesson hours.
  14. Only use plastic containers. Glass is strictly forbidden on the pool deck. Eating must take place at the designated areas at the picnic tables.
  15. No animals permitted within the pool grounds.
  16. DIXIE is a member of ALPS and therefore its code of conduct applies to all its member pools as well as their athletes, parents, coaches, officials, and spectators for events at home or away meets.
  17. The use of the slide is restricted to those weighing 40lbs or more.

Dixie Pool Swimmer's Test

 Swim two full lanes of the pool (2 x 25 yards) with a maximum break of 30 seconds between lanes, then thread water for 2 minutes in the deep end. A non-swimmer can ask a lifeguard anytime during the summer to perform hiséher Dixie Swim Test. The child will receive his/her swimmer's badge at the completion of a successful test.

Please note that all lifeguards are required to enforce these rules which are for everyone's safety.

Dixie Pool Association Rules

  1. Membership privileges: Members are allowed to swim at all times during the free swim period and use any floating aid made available at the pool. Members wearing a swimmer's badge are allowed in the deep end. In the event special activities are organized by Dixie take up the free swim period, a mutual agreement with Western Lachine pool, located on Victoria and 40th, allows our members to swim at such times. Only members of the pool can register in special activities such as swimming lessons, early bird, water-polo, etc. All other activities that may be organized by the personnel are also restricted to members.
  2. Guests: Guests are welcome at the pool accompanied by a senior member (13 years and older). To be allowed entrance at the pool, each guest should have a guest ticket. Booklets of guest tickets can be purchased with your registration form. A maximum of 2 booklets (20 tickets) are available per membership.
  3. Dixie Park Day Camp: It is our contractual agreement with the Borough of Lachine to welcome every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, all children registered in the Dixie Park Day Camp. With their camp counsellors, these children are allowed to use the pool facilities from 14h to 16h only.
  4. General admission: A la carte swimmers will be admitted to the pool at a $5.00 entrance fee per swimmer Monday to Friday from 14h to 17h, if pool capacity permits it and no special activities have been organized.
  5. Health Condition: Please advise the pool management of any medical situation that could help the pool staff in case of emergency.
  6. Closing: The pool reserves the right to close depending on the weather or exceptional circumstances.
  7. Badges: Members must have their badge sewn to their bathing suit to access the pool.
  8. Residence: Family membership is restricted to parents, children, and grand-parents living at the same address.