Joining Dixie

Dixie is a unique community pool with programs that grow with the kids (from Tiny Tots through Leaders onto Lifeguarding); a place where kids can enjoy the true freedom of summer (activities just a walk or bike-ride away that run throughout the day–with time to see friends or enjoy a book in between...); and a place to renew friendships for young & old! We are a non-profit organization where each member pays an annual registration fee.

The 2020 registration fees are:
 Type of Membership  Fee
 Family  $240.00
 Individual (13 years and over)*  $140.00
 Senior (>= 65 yrs)  $75.00
*Exception: Children younger than 13 years of age attending the home day care of an existing member will be permitted to join as an individual.

Benefit from a $10 discount for Family or Individual registration, $5 for seniors, if completed by internet prior to March 31st!

To register

  • Existing members: The emails that you receive from Dixie Pool include a "My Profile" link that takes you directly into your account. If you do not have an email, follow this link Membership and provide the required identification information. You can then update your profile to complete your registration.
  • New members: Follow this link Membership and select "Start my registration" at the bottom of the page. Complete the four information panels.

Temporary registration

Non-residents of Lachine who are visiting with pool members can obtain a temporary pass for the pool that includes participation in all pool activities for a fee equivalent to 1/8th the annual fee per week. For example, a family visiting for two weeks who want to use the pool and participate in pool activities would pay a fee of 2/8 * $240 = $60.00.