Members receive a badge upon registration. This badge varies based on the age of the member and his swimming proficiency.

 Type  Requirements  Pool Access
 Senior (green or black badges)  13 years and older  Entire pool

 Swimmer (1)

(green badges)

 Under 13 years old having passed the Dixie Pool Swim Test  Entire pool
 Non-swimmer (yellow badges)  Under 13 years old and not having passed the Dixie Pool Swim Test.  Shallow end (2)

  1. The child who successfully passes the Dixie Swim Test keep his/her “swimmer status” for the following years and does not have to redo the test.
  2. It is forbidden for the child to go on the slide or the diving board even in the presence of her/his Parent.
  3. Lost badges can be replaced by contacting Jessica Kis at a cost of $5 per badge.

Dixie Pool Swim Test

The Swim Test consists of swimming 2 pool lengths without stopping and without touching the bottom of the pool and treading water for 2 minutes. A non-swimmer can ask a lifeguard anytime during the summer to perform his/her Dixie Swim Test. The child will receive his/her badge at the completion of a successful test.